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If you have a bad habit of skipping your routine dental exam at Dr. Jerry Butler’s Boone, North Carolina clinic, it leaves you at increased risk of developing tooth decay problems. Should a cavity go untreated for a long period of time, the bacteria can gradually gain access to the pulp and root of the tooth.

When this happens, you will likely feel discomfort or a toothache in the compromised tooth. This could also be accompanied by increased sensitivity, discomfort when chewing or a severe dental fracture. Pressure or distress within the underlying gums can also mean a serious infection or abscess has started to form.

This clearly calls for timely professional dental care at Dr. Jerry Butler’s clinic. Without treatment, a dangerous infection could eventually spread into your bloodstream.

You can try to rub your gums with a topical oral analgesic for temporary relief of pain, while waiting for your appointment. If you have swelling in your lip or cheek, you can hold a cold compress to your face for 15 minutes at a time. These are temporary measures to buy you some relief while you seek professional treatment.

If you live in the Boone, North Carolina area and you are suffering with a toothache, you should not delay in calling (828) 264-5858 to have it treated and examined by Dr. Jerry Butler.