Are Wearing Clear Aligners Like Invisalign® a Good Fit for Your Orthodontic Needs?

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Are you looking to straighten your teeth so that your teeth look, feel and function their best? Our dentist, Jerry L. Butler DDS, MAGD, is happy to provide clear aligners and  Invisalign® instead of traditional braces in Boone NC for our patients wanting straight teeth and an aligned smile and bite.

Our clear aligners give you the look you want without metal wires and elastic bands. Our clear aligner braces are nearly invisible, so you can speak and smile normally without feeling self-conscious. Clear aligner braces are also not as costly as other aligners and wire braces and when properly worn do their work in anywhere from 3-6 months. Clear aligners can be removed to eat, brush and floss your teeth just as you normally would.

We are proud to offer clear aligners for our patients looking to correct their smile problems and they may be a great solution for your smile! Our clear aligners are custom-made using a computer-generated plastic aligner system. They are switched out every two weeks or so when you come into our office so they can gradually move your teeth into their next desired position. Invisalign® helps those with crooked or crowded teeth, gapped and spaced teeth, as well as aligning a misaligned bite.

If you are looking to correct your smile problems our clear aligners may be a good solution for your smile! We welcome you to call us today at 828.246.5858, to learn more or schedule a visit. At your consultation, we can help you determine if clear aligners are a good fit for you. These comfortable aligners have helped patients just like you achieve the healthier, beautiful smile they wanted!