Cavities, Tooth Decay, and the Treatments for Them

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Cavities are an unfortunate reality. We brush and we floss every day in order to keep that from happening. We all know how important our daily habits of cleaning are teeth are. Sometimes knowing what to do and actually doing it aren’t enough to prevent us from getting cavities. If you feel you’re in this situation, don’t kick yourself. Dr. Jerry Butler knows that sometimes these things happen, and can offer a treatment to help rid you of your cavity.

The most used treatment for cavities is a dental filling. During this treatment, the cavity is cleaned out and then filled in using a special resin which will bond with the tooth in order to restore strength. If the cavity is too large for a dental filling to be effective, other treatments are used instead.

One of these is a partial crown, which is good for teeth which still retain their strength despite the large cavity. Also referred to as an inlay or onlay, a partial crown restores strength to the tooth while also repairing the cavity.

Dental crowns are used for cavities which have decayed the majority of the tooth. To install the crown, Dr. Jerry Butler removes the majority of the tooth’s enamel and installs in its place a crown created in a dental lab in order to ensure the life of your tooth for years to come.

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