Coping Methods Before and After Tooth Extraction

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When you prepare for a tooth extraction, it’s important to take care of your body for at least 48 hours, both before and after the extraction surgery.

Before the surgery, refrain from any unhealthy habits from your life that can further damage the area, such as smoking and chewing tobacco or playing high-risk contact sports.

After the surgery, get rest and plenty of it. The more you allow your body to rest, the greater the chance that your smile will heal quickly and effectively. The extraction site, in particular, will need time to heal. You should also make sure your home is set up to allow you to rest easily. You’ll want to avoid heavy physical labor or spending time at the gym for a time while you heal. Do not consume anything until the anesthesia has completely worn off. Otherwise you risk a choking hazard.

If your dentist prescribed any medications, take them as directed and only as directed. If an increase in dosage is needed, speak with Dr. Jerry Butler first. As with all dental procedures, follow his instructions with exactness and you will be on your way to greater health in no time.

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