Dental Implants Make Exceptionally Stable and Durable Tooth Replacements for Missing Teeth

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If you have a tooth that has been extracted or lost, you will want to replace it. This is because the space left behind when a tooth is lost, whether to decay, injury or extraction, the empty space can create problems with the surrounding teeth. Over time, they can shift out of their proper position and gravitate towards this space, becoming misaligned. Also, lost bone material from missing teeth can be reabsorbed, making the facial structure appear sunken in and aged.

Dr. Butler offers various tooth replacement options, and one of the most stable and long-lasting choices we provide our patients is dental implants. These replace the entire tooth from crown to root, preserving bone material, facial structure and full tooth function. Other problems incurred from missing teeth is that the remaining teeth must make up for the chewing and biting force, causing them extra wear and tear.

After the biocompatible titanium dental implant is surgically placed into your jawbone, over time it will fuse with the bone and will be completed with a tooth-like restoration, such as a crown, bridge or denture. Dr. Jerry L Butler and his team offer tooth replacements either for a single dental implant or full mouth dental implants for multiple teeth.

These permanent, stable tooth replacements effectively replace the tooth root, which anchors the tooth into place. Once the implant bonds with the bone, it will be secure and stable, functioning like a normal tooth once the post has been covered with a dental crown, bridge, partial or complete denture. Your dental implant will be customized based on your needs so that it looks and feels like a normal tooth.

Dr. Butler and our team are pleased to help you with all of your dental care needs. We welcome you to call and schedule your implant consultation to find out if you are a good candidate for a dental implant!