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Continually guarding your mouth against the risks of dental dangers includes making sure you’re aware of potential risks factors for dental damage and address any high-risk activities you may be involved in and what you can do to keep your teeth and gums safe. If you feel you are at risk for an oral accident or injury, make sure you wear the appropriate mouth guards to alleviate damage that can occur.

If you are involved in contact sports or other activities that put your teeth and gums at risk, visit your dentist for a customized mouth guard. Mouth guards can be designed for your exact dental profile to minimize damage that can occur. Your dentist can craft a mouth guard for your exact dental profile, or you can purchase stock mouth guards that come preformed and ready to wear.

Once you have your mouth guard, it is important to make sure you give it the appropriate care. If you fail to care for your mouth guard, it won’t be able to function effectively for you. Always make sure it is cleaned with soapy water to prevent contamination. Furthermore, never leave it out to dry or put it in boiling water. Also, be aware that family pets and younger siblings may find mouth guards and use them as chew toys. Typically, you should store your mouth guards in a safe container that is free of moisture.

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