Do You Know What To Expect in Case of Facial Trauma in an Emergency?

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Accidents can happen at any time, and when it comes to emergency dental care, our team is prepared to help you deal with an oral or facial trauma. The good news is, there are ways to be prepared as well as things you can do to prevent accidents from occurring so you can avoid permanent damage. For example, we offer mouth guards for your child when participating in contact sports.

Maxillofacial injuries are often complex when the injuries involve the skin, soft tissues or fractures. It is possible to suffer acute and long-term psychological problems if disfigurement is involved. With advances in tools and technology, our skilled doctor is better able than ever to successfully treat unwanted facial trauma or injury. Our goal is to mitigate the emotional impact on your life, as well as repair the physical aspects of your injury using gentle, caring and high-quality treatment.

You deserve to have your health and appearance restored after facial trauma, and we are equipped to help make that possible whether you are injured from a vehicle accident, a sudden fall or from contact or impact sports. We also treat injuries that are work-related as well as stemming from interpersonal violence. As you can see, our dentist is well equipped to work with you.

You may have an injury that includes intraoral lacerations, facial lacerations or even knocked-out teeth. Or perhaps you suffered a fracture in your cheeks, eye socket or upper or lower jaws. Whatever the problem, our dentist, Jerry L Butler DDS MAGD, can effectively treat you to restore your appearance and function. With extensive experience in helping resolve soft tissue injuries, bone injuries and injuries that occur to your teeth or other dental structure, he offers treatment in both a hospital setting or in our office in an outpatient environment.

We welcome you to call to learn more about our facial trauma repair and reconstruction to give you the healthy smile and appearance you deserve. Just call us at 828-264-5858 today!