Electric Toothbrushes vs Manual Toothbrushes

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You’ve heard the same reiteration over and over since you were young that you need to brush and floss every single day. It’s good to help maintain great oral health (not to mention help your overall health) and can prevent infections and tooth decay. An important factor when it comes to taking plaque off your smile is the tools you use, and the most important one is your toothbrush.

When it comes to selecting your toothbrush, you’ll find that there is a large variety with different characteristics. A soft-bristled brush with an angled head is the most recommended to help remove plaque and debris from the corners of your teeth. Other qualities include the grip, shape of the head, size, and type of bristles. Be sure to pick a style that best suits you and reaches all your teeth.

Two very different tools that both work to give you a clean smile are electric and manual toothbrushes. Consider the following when picking either one:

Electric Toothbrushes

– Easy to use, you can pick from a wide selection of different toothbrush heads.
– Some offer the option of a timer or even beep when you need to move to another area of the mouth.
– Electric brushes help those who don’t have full mobility to brush back and forth.
– They can reach some areas that you don’t have full access to such as misaligned teeth or uneven tooth surfaces.
– For kids, this is a fun option that can get them excited to brush every morning and night.

Manual Toothbrushes

– A more inexpensive option, manual brushes are ideal for those who are constantly traveling and may not have access to power outlets or batteries.
– More accessibility in stores (electric may not always have them in the store or you have to order online).
– This is a better option for young children first starting out, so you can pick the right size and style without having to fork out a lot of money. Letting them pick out a fun color or design also helps them be more motivated to brush.

Overall, finding the right toothbrush can be a “trial and error” process to get the best fit for your smile. Speak to our team about which brush is the best option for you and your dental care. We’ll be happy to give you tips on the right brush and how you can improve your oral health today!