Halloween Is Coming and So Are Tooth-Damaging Treats! Try Giving Your Child These Sweets Instead!

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It’s almost time for Halloween! With the spooky season in full swing, now is the time to come up with a strategy for keeping your child’s smile safe while letting them enjoy this festive time of year! This means taking a look at some of the candies they should avoid and then enjoying better seasonal favorites.

Halloween Sweets to Avoid

By their very nature candies are loaded with sugar which can wreak havoc on teeth and some are better than others! When stocking the pantry with Halloween sweets, avoid any hard or chewy, sticky candy as they can break down the protective tooth enamel layer:

-Caramels and caramel apples
-Gummy candies
-Hard-to-chew, sticky candy
-Sour candies that are extra acidic

These sweets are notorious for getting trapped in between teeth, making it difficult to clear away the bacterial residue.

Safer Halloween Goodies

Any candy that melts quickly (like smarties or bottle caps) is better for your child’s pearly whites than those listed above. The same goes for soft milk or dark chocolates which typically melt quickly and don’t stick around on teeth. Sweets like peanut butter cups, Kit Kats, peppermint patties and Three Muskateers bars make safer choices than some of their stickier, nuttier counterparts.

It’s ideal to limit your child’s candy consumption to help keep tooth decay from showing up and keeping your child’s smile healthy and happy. Let them snack on hard fruits and vegetables to help remove candy residue, and drink plenty of water to rinse away sugar and acids. Healthy saliva levels help wash away food particles (except for between the teeth) so make sure your child flosses those areas after eating sweets. Spending a little extra time on their daily oral hygiene during the holiday season, especially before they go to bed to remove candy debris that might be stuck between teeth can make a big difference!

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