How a Composite Dental Filling Can Improve Your Smile

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A composite dental filling is a tooth-colored dental filling, meaning it is custom shaded to match the color of the surrounding tooth enamel so that it doesn’t stand out against the tooth. There are many ways that a composite dental fillings can enhance your smile, and we include them here:

– You may find a composite dental filling to be more effective and safer than an amalgam filling if you have a small cavity.

– When it comes to treating a weakened dental filling, instead of removing the whole filling as we typically would for an amalgam, composite can undergo several repairs before being fully extracted.

– For patients who are concerned about the use of mercury in dental amalgams often choose composite fillings because they are mercury free.

– The durability of dental composites can help them avoid tooth fracturing.

– If tooth decay develops around a composite filling, the tight seal of the filling will make it resistant to leaking, which can be an issue for amalgam dental fillings.

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