How You Can Prepare Your Child for a Successful School Year With a Healthy, Beautiful, and More Confident Smile!

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At the dental office of Jerry L. Butler DDS, MAGD, we encourage families to prepare their children for school by making sure their oral health is near the top of their back-to-school checklist. Our dentist, Dr. Jerry Butler strongly encourages proactivity when it comes to our patients’ dental health, especially your child’s developing smile.

A child’s growing smile needs protection all year round because even healthy baby teeth are crucial until their adult teeth take their place. Their smile is also the first thing their peers and teachers see, so why not give them the self-confidence they need by making sure their teeth and gums are good to go. This also helps keep them from missing classes because of tooth decay or gum disease, not to mention being all set for their school pictures!

4 Crucial Items on Your Child’s Back-To-School Checklist

Routine Dental Cleaning
#1 on the list is to get your child’s teeth cleaned and checked (if you haven’t already) so they start their school year on track. Treating cavities when they are small is quicker, less costly, and less invasive so they don’t miss out on school because of painful toothaches.

Stock Their Backpack with Tooth-friendly Items
#2 is packing their backpack with oral health essentials. A new toothbrush should replace their old one with fraying bristles. Make sure they have child-friendly toothpaste and mouthwash, especially ones with added fluoride if they are prone to cavities. Supply them with a flossing tool they like using at least once a day to get rid of hidden bacteria and plaque. Note: their at-home care might also benefit from an upgrade to an electric toothbrush that will inspire them to brush for 2 minutes, twice a day.

Healthy Lunches and Snacks
#3 Make sure your children’s oral and general health thrives as they pack their backpacks with healthy snacks and lunches. Nutrient-dense foods like cheese, milk, lean protein, grains, yogurt, fruit and crunchy vegetables are good for their teeth and keep them away from salty, sugary snacks and drinks.

Sports Mouth Guard
#4 If your child participates in gym class or contact sports, a protective mouth guard is as essential as a helmet, face guard, knee or elbow pads. A properly fitting sports guard will protect both their teeth and soft oral tissues from damage should an object hit their face, especially when wearing braces.

If your child still needs their routine dental checkup and cleaning, we urge you to call our practice in Boone, North Carolina at 828-264-5858 today. Our dentist and team are ready to help your child have a successful school year with a healthier, more beautiful and confident smile!