If You Have an Infected Tooth, a Root Canal May Just Be What the Doctor Ordered!

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Our team at the dental office of Jerry L Butler DDS MAGD is proud to offer comprehensive dentistry treatments to help you and your family attain the good oral health and appealing smiles you want and deserve! We work hard to help you preserve your natural smile as long as possible with treatments that can help you get there. Our leading-edge dental equipment, combined with our dental experience, skill and knowledge helps to ensure that you and your family get the proper treatment for your healthiest smiles.

One of the ways we make sure your natural teeth remain healthy and strong is by having routine dental cleanings and exams to remove tartar to keep your teeth and gums healthy coupled with dental checkups to spot problems early, including problems with the tooth pulp.

Root Canal To the Rescue

A painful tooth can often indicate infection, and for that, we provide a root canal treatment to save the affected tooth. Once Dr. Butler assesses the tooth’s health, he can quickly give you a treatment plan. Thanks to anesthesia, the root canal treatment is done while you are as comfortable as possible. While many people think root canals are painful, remember that the goal of this treatment is to take care of the painful tooth! Restoring the tooth with proper treatment can get your smile back on track with minimal discomfort.

The root canal itself removes decay in the tooth pulp. If a root canal is not done in time, the diseased tooth can die and require tooth extraction. By removing the infected pulp tissue, cleaning the tooth, and filling it with a medicated substance, the tooth can be capped with a dental crown so it looks, functions and feels normal again! Dr. Butler can complete this process within one or two visits.

Don’t Delay, Call Today!

If you have an infected tooth, or tooth pain, don’t put off being seen because it likely will only get worse. Give our team a call today if you have any questions or concerns about your oral health! We love to help you smile!