Is Jaw Pain Troubling You? Our Dental Team Can Help With Your Symptoms of TMJ!

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If you are finding yourself experiencing oral, jaw, or facial pain due to TMJ/TMD, we can help! One of the treatments our dental practice is pleased to offer is TMJ Therapy. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Jerry L. Butler has not only received extensive training in the area of TMJ and TMD treatment, but he has been helping patients overcome their symptoms so they can live without this chronic jaw pain.

What is TMJ?

Your temporomandibular joint (connecting your lower jaw to your skull) can become stressed, causing a TMJ disorder. It can also arise from an injury or if your bite is misaligned and overworking your jaw joints. Common reasons patients find themselves experiencing TMJ issues are from increased unmanaged stress, which leads to jaw clenching and teeth grinding called bruxism. Arthritis and head, jaw, or neck injuries can also bring on this condition.

Do You Have TMJ?

Some people find themselves with chronic headaches and pain in their upper body areas (neck and shoulders, even the ears). Others might feel pain when they chew their food or bite down while others may end up with lockjaw, where the jaw seizes up and becomes stuck. But the most common symptom is hearing clicking or popping noises when you open or close your mouth to speak or chew. You may also be unable to open your mouth to function normally when talking, chewing or yawning.


If this sounds all too familiar, we recommend reaching out to our dental office to be evaluated by our dentist. Depending on what is causing your symptoms, and the severity, simple jaw and facial exercises can help, and changes to your lifestyle can also make a difference. If these do not provide relief, Dr. Butler may recommend dental restorations, wearing a mouth guard during the day or when you sleep, and as a last resort, jaw surgery. Call our team in Boone, North Carolina at 828-264-5858 today. TMJ therapy might be just what the doctor ordered!