Promptly Treating Facial Trauma or Injury Is Vital for a Healthy Smile

What do you do if you suffer an accidental injury or trauma that affects your smile? Facial injuries are actually fairly common and they can affect anyone, including kids and adults of all ages from all walks of life. Our dedicated dental team understands how crucial timely treatment is when dental emergencies arise, including a knocked-out tooth. If you live... read more »

Do You Have a New Year’s Goal To Get a Good Night’s Sleep? We Can Help!

Good sleep is crucial to your physical and mental health and wellbeing. But if you have sleep apnea, your sleep quality is already suffering, and that could mean having trouble staying asleep, waking up exhausted and snoring all night, and even waking yourself up gasping for air. If this sounds familiar, you might be dealing with sleep apnea, a common... read more »

Protect Your Child’s Teeth From the Cavity Monster This Spooky Season

Halloween is almost here and kids are excited and ready to party with their peers! We have some tips to help you ensure that your child enjoys this haunting holiday without sacrificing their teeth to the sugar monster. Check out these trick-or-treating tips to keep their "boo"tiful chompers safe! Stay on top of their daily oral hygiene care and bring... read more »

Get Your Child’s Smile Ready To Face the New School Year Successfully!

August is back-to-school month, and now is the time to get your child ready for another successful school year. Along with school supplies, make sure their smile is ready too. Dental cleanings are a great way to help your child by spotting cavities early so they can be treated least invasively. Routine cleanings every six months, coupled with proper daily... read more »

Why Choose Dental Implants Over Other Options for Replacing Missing Teeth?

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, you want to choose the highest quality option to make the most out of your oral health. Dental implants are one of the best tooth replacement options you can choose to restore your smile. Have you lost a tooth from an injury, advanced gum disease or tooth decay? Dental implants cave complete your... read more »