Your Smile Shouldn’t Be Scary to Look At! Treat Yourself to Dental Veneers Less Than Perfect Teeth and Smile Imperfections!

It’s October, and one scary thing we all worry about is having a smile with obvious flaws. This can make us hesitant to smile or to lack the confidence to show it off when speaking with friends, family, co-workers or anyone else we might meet. So what can you do that won’t take a long… Read more »

How You Can Prepare Your Child for a Successful School Year With a Healthy, Beautiful, and More Confident Smile!

At the dental office of Jerry L. Butler DDS, MAGD, we encourage families to prepare their children for school by making sure their oral health is near the top of their back-to-school checklist. Our dentist, Dr. Jerry Butler strongly encourages proactivity when it comes to our patients’ dental health, especially your child’s developing smile. A… Read more »

Is Your Sleep Suffering Because of Sleep Apnea? Wearing an Oral Appliance Can Help!

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to being healthy, having enough energy and a happy disposition. For people who are chronic poor sleepers, sleep apnea may be the culprit. You might fall into this category if you find you can’t seem to stay asleep during the night, get complaints that you snore loudly in… Read more »

Dental Implants Make Exceptionally Stable and Durable Tooth Replacements for Missing Teeth

If you have a tooth that has been extracted or lost, you will want to replace it. This is because the space left behind when a tooth is lost, whether to decay, injury or extraction, the empty space can create problems with the surrounding teeth. Over time, they can shift out of their proper position… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments That Can Discreetly Fix Tooth Problems for a More Beautiful Smile!

At the dental office of Jerry L. Butler DDS MAGD, we are pleased to offer our patients the benefits of cosmetic dentistry to help you create a beautiful, healthy smile you can be proud of. Three of our common cosmetic dentistry treatments are white dental fillings, dental bonding, and dental inlays and onlays that improve… Read more »

Protect Your Child’s Developing Smile With Dental Sealants and an Athletic Mouth Guard

When it comes to protecting your child’s oral health, our skilled dentist, Jerry L Butler DDS MAGD and our caring team offer dental sealants and sports mouth guards to keep your child’s developing smile safe from harm. Dental Sealants Dental sealants offer protection for the permanent molars in the back of the mouth which are… Read more »

We Are Here to Help If You Have a Dental or Oral-Facial Emergency

When it comes to your smile, whether for routine dental care or emergency dental care, you are in excellent hands with our dedicated dental team. We offer treatment for oral or facial trauma using state-of-the-art dental equipment and treatments for patients living in the Boone NC area including the Appalachian State University, Blowing Rock, Banner… Read more »

Is Jaw Pain Troubling You? Our Dental Team Can Help With Your Symptoms of TMJ!

If you are finding yourself experiencing oral, jaw, or facial pain due to TMJ/TMD, we can help! One of the treatments our dental practice is pleased to offer is TMJ Therapy. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Jerry L. Butler has not only received extensive training in the area of TMJ and TMD treatment, but he has… Read more »

Think of Your Smile When You are Sick

As the seasons change, it is common for people to feel sick or under the weather. Furthermore, when you are sick, it’s vital to make sure you are giving your teeth the proper care to help you recover from your illness faster. Our , Dr. , wishes you positive oral health and overall health. That… Read more »

Don’t Let Your Insurance Benefits Run Away From You!

It’s that time of year again where you could lose out on your hard-earned cash and preventative dental health benefits if you don’t use it before the year ends. Our team works hard to help you receive the best dental care and help you apply your dental insurance benefits for maximum coverage. Our dentist makes… Read more »