What’s the Point of Dental Sealants?

Why do we apply dental sealants? The primary reason is to shield your chompers from unnecessary damage resulting from bacteria and leftover food particles in your mouth. Keep reading to see exactly what we mean by this. It can be tricky to brush every spot and corner of your chompers (including those tricky-to-reach molars), but… Read more »

Answer Your Questions on Dental Anxiety Treatments

  To protect your teeth from any oral health risks that can often arise throughout your life, it is always important to visit your dentist for routine examinations in professional cleaning. However, many individuals are afraid to visit their dentist because they are worried about receiving oral health care treatments and work on their smile…. Read more »

Products for Treating Dry Mouth

Xerostomia is the most underestimated serious oral condition. Complications of dry mouth include difficulty swallowing, breathing and talking, so you should take it seriously. We care about your oral health, so we amassed this post about dry mouth and some things you should know about it. Products you can use to treat xerostomia include saliva… Read more »

How a Composite Dental Filling Can Improve Your Smile

A composite dental filling is a tooth-colored dental filling, meaning it is custom shaded to match the color of the surrounding tooth enamel so that it doesn’t stand out against the tooth. There are many ways that a composite dental fillings can enhance your smile, and we include them here: – You may find a… Read more »

How to Identify the Cause of Your Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is quite inconvenient. It makes talking, eating, and even smiling difficult. When you experience this pain, you likely wonder where it’s coming from. This is a good first step because it can help you eliminate the problem. To help you identify the cause of your jaw pain, our dentist, Dr. , is happy… Read more »

Dental Anxiety Is Totally Normal–But Not Unavoidable

We understand that going to the dentist can be a nerve-wracking thing, especially if you’ve had negative experiences in the past! A past negative experience can create what is called dental anxiety, which makes your future appointments scary. Our team wants you to have the best dental experience when you come to our office, and… Read more »

Halitosis: More Than Just Bad Breath

The solutions for bad breath are pretty instantaneous: mints or a good brushing can easily fix it. Halitosis, though, is usually a sign of a deeper issue. Here are some reasons you may have chronic bad breath: – Periodontitis: This is a type of gum disease in its more advanced stage, wherein deep pockets form… Read more »

Your Fluoride Sources

Fluoride is a natural mineral that actually enables your tooth enamel to rebuild itself, fortifying your teeth from tooth decay. This is why we recommend you expose your teeth to some form of fluoride each day. Here are some common sources to consider: – Fluoride toothpaste: You’ll want to brush your teeth twice a day… Read more »

Crown Lengthening: For “Gummy” Smiles

If you feel self-conscious about your smile because your gums tend to show or you’d like to have some restorative dental work done but your gums are in the way, there is no need to worry—Dr. can help you. With the help of team of specialists, Dr. can offer your smile a crown lengthening treatment…. Read more »

What to Do About Bleeding Gums

Many people see a little pink in the sink when they are brushing their teeth or flossing and they tend to pay no attention to it. This can be a mistake. If your gums are bleeding, something may be wrong. Here’s what may be going on: – You don’t floss very often. If you’ve taken… Read more »