Peak Oral Health Levels: Mouth Jewelry

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Several oral health risks arise due to microscopic damage that can occur to your tooth enamel. However, damage to your teeth and gums can also come from outside sources. One known risk of dental damage that can routinely arise is through the implementation of mouth jewelry.

Mouth jewelry in the form of lip and tongue rings can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and bring you a boost in self-esteem, but they can also lead to a downturn in your oral health. This is because if they are improperly applied, they can immediately lead to permanent nerve damage and burst blood vessels.

Lip and tongue rings are extremely popular forms of mouth jewelry because of their ability to help individuals to express themselves. However, if any hard part should ever break off, they can easily become choking hazards. Furthermore, mouth jewelry can chip and crack teeth, cause infectious diseases, lacerate your gums and even lead to oral inflammation. It can ever be more difficult to clean your mouth when mouth jewelry is present. Be aware of all the risks associated with mouth jewelry before implementing them into your daily life.

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