Promptly Treating Facial Trauma or Injury Is Vital for a Healthy Smile

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What do you do if you suffer an accidental injury or trauma that affects your smile? Facial injuries are actually fairly common and they can affect anyone, including kids and adults of all ages from all walks of life. Our dedicated dental team understands how crucial timely treatment is when dental emergencies arise, including a knocked-out tooth. If you live in the Boone NC area, our experienced dentist, Dr. Jerry Butler offers dental treatment for accidental injury involving the face and mouth.

Treating Facial Trauma

Too often, facial trauma has not only a physical impact on your health but an emotional one as well. The most common causes are vehicular accidents, fighting, falls, sports injuries and assault. The physical trauma may include bleeding, swelling, bruising, lacerations, cuts, burns and deformity of the face, especially major injuries of the jaw, nose, eye socket (orbit), facial bones, facial nerves and knocked out teeth. Correctly treating facial injuries can prevent issues with chewing, nasal breathing, sinus function, vision or hearing.

Our dental team is dedicated to helping you and your family receive the gentle, high-quality treatment needed to restore oral-facial health and appearance. No matter the cause of your trauma, we are dedicated to providing you with the care you need. Our dentist is experienced in treating facial injuries of all kinds, especially soft tissue injuries, bone injuries, and injuries to the teeth and surrounding dental structures. Since effective treatment depends on your unique situation and needs, our doctor can assess your condition and recommend outpatient care or refer you to a hospital for treatment.

Emergency Treatment

If you would like to know more about our practice’s facial trauma repair and reconstruction to give you and your family the necessary trauma care, you can call or visit our office today. We recommend prompt attention and treatment for any dental or facial issues including injury. We can discuss preventative measures like wearing a mouth guard to protect teeth and soft tissues in the mouth and jaw. You can book a reservation with our dentist, Jerry L Butler DDS MAGD, by calling 828-264-5858 today!