Taking Care of Unhappy Teeth

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We invite you to learn more about addressing the following dental conditions that could result in dental emergencies:

Oral Swollen
Conditions such as infected pulp can cause you to develop an abscess as a result of untreated bacterial infection. We may need to drain the pus and then provide antibiotics to keep the infection away as the area heals.

If the surrounding tissues have become affected or there is extensive swelling or severe pain, you may need to undergo treatment such as tooth extraction. Swelling in the head and neck may even call for a hospital visit to ensure your condition is treated fully.

Dental Trauma
It’s not always possible to avoid injuries to the teeth, especially for young children, and many patients experience tooth fracture, loose or lost teeth and other issues at least once in their lives. Dr. Jerry Butler can perform an oral examination and provide dental X-rays to determine the severity of the condition and provide treatment.

Tooth fracture should receive immediate treatment to reduce any discomfort and prevent further injury. A loose tooth may require extraction if it has been badly damaged beyond preservation or repair, especially in the case of permanent teeth. If you suspect anything is not right with your teeth, even if you cannot see an obvious injury, we encourage you to seek treatment for conditions that may be mild and optimal for conservative treatment.

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