The Tooth Fairy Promotes Dental Health

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Most children have heard of the Tooth Fairy. When your child loses a tooth, they probably parade their small white treasure around the house, proudly showing it to everyone within view. Then, as night descends, they eagerly tuck the tooth beneath their pillow to await the fairy’s arrival.

Your child might even sleep with their hand resting on their tooth, hoping for a chance to meet the fairy. When they awaken, their excitement may build as they discover what the fairy has left them as payment for their tooth. What parents may not realize is that the Tooth Fairy can present you with a wonderful opportunity to teach your children to take care of themselves and their teeth.

We would like to suggest a few ways your child can help make the fairy happier. First, we recommend putting it in language that your child can understand. For example, “brushing your teeth two times a day can get rid of yucky germs, and flossing can get the germs that hide from your toothbrush!” You can encourage your child to eat healthier snacks by telling them that the Tooth Fairy notices when they eat fruits and vegetables instead of candies.

We know that many children could be nervous to visit the dentist. To help encourage your child to visit us at our office, you can tell them that the Tooth Fairy is proud of them when they are brave and face what their fears. You can also tell your child that our dentist can help give them a superhero smile that may help make another person’s day better by sharing it.

If you would like to know more ways that the Tooth Fairy could help promote your child’s dental health, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!