Tooth-Friendly Tips To Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy During the Summertime

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Summer is now in full swing and your children will be busy making the most of it. We have some tooth-friendly tips to help you keep their smiles in tip-top shape — even as their daily routines are slower and more relaxed — so they don’t get tooth decay! This is important because tooth decay is the most common childhood disease. The good news is, it is also preventable!

Make sure they keep up with their daily oral hygiene care: they may be staying up later and tempted to skip brushing their teeth before they head to bed, make sure that they still brush and floss as needed. It’s only a few minutes and worth the effort! Having a fun brushing chart with a small weekly reward can often motivate them to stick to their schedule. Make sure they have a flossing tool they enjoy using.

Dental care on vacation: If your family is heading out of town for some traveling fun, pack all the dental care necessities they will need. A travel-sized toothbrush can be fun, with a handy toothbrush case, travel-sized toothpaste, interdental brush or flavored flossing tape, and mini mouthwash to help control oral bacteria in a fun travel case can help them stay on track while you’re away from home and normal routine.

Fill your pantry with tooth-friendly snacks and drinks: Your child will likely be checking the pantry and fridge for snacks during the long summer days. This means curtailing access to sugary, starchy or acidic snacks and treats that encourage harmful plaque sticking to their chompers and in between the teeth. Instead of sodas, lemonade or sports drinks, stock the fridge with water, milk, and infused water with mint leaves or berries. Fresh fruits, cheeses, nuts and cold cuts make good daytime snacking.

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