We Offer Relief From Constant Migraines and Pounding Headaches!

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Do you frequently wake up with migraines or pounding headaches? There is pain relief for this if you are currently suffering from them. Our caring dental team offers a free consultation for patients who have frequent head pain whether in their temple areas, side of the head, behind the eyes or at the base of the skull (in the back of the head). The good news is that even if you’ve been diagnosed and are still experiencing migraines, our experienced team can often help relieve and stop this painful condition.

One reason for these headaches is teeth grinding in your sleep. Also known as bruxism, this continual clenching of the jaw and grinding teeth can leave you with multiple long-term health problems like chronic morning headaches in the areas we described above, eventually worn down teeth as precious tooth enamel is worn away, jaw pain, cheek pain and even ear pain! One red flag (in addition to your daily migraines or headaches) is waking up with tender, sore jaws and still feeling tired, even after sleeping a full night.

Since bruxism can also be done quietly, you and your sleep partner may not even be aware that you are doing it! There are a variety of reasons why you might be bruxing in your sleep, with one of the most obvious ones being stress. If you are at your wit’s end with chronic migraines or daily pounding headaches, we encourage you to call us at 828.264.5858, today for more information or to schedule a consultation. There is relief available so that you don’t need to continue suffering from painful and often debilitating headaches. Jerry L Butler, DDS, MAGD, and our dental team offer help for chronic bruxism and migraine relief in Boone, NC.