What Qualities Can Be Helpful in a Toothbrush?

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While it seems like a simple tool, the qualities that a toothbrush has can go a long way in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. When looking for a toothbrush, consider some of these suggestions.

Soft Bristles
A soft-bristled toothbrush can help your enamel and gums simply by being gentle on them. Hard-bristled varieties are probably not as common, but if you happen to find one, it may not be a good choice for you. They can be a bit too rough, and they may harm your gums and wear down your enamel.

Small Heads
Brushes with smaller heads can be very useful. They can reach your back teeth a little easier while a bulky brush may make this part a little too difficult.

Electric or Traditional
Both traditional brushes and electric brushes can do the trick of cleaning your teeth. Aside from how they are powered, there is not much difference in what they can do for you. Although, if you struggle to use a traditional brush for whatever reason, an electric brush may be an ideal alternative. They usually have bigger handles that are easier to hold, and they can require less effort on your part.

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