You Can Improve TMJ Disorder with Different Treatments

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The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) in your facial structure hinge the lower jaw in place and facilitate jaw movement by interacting with a series of muscles and ligaments. While these joints enable you to move your mouth and grind up tough foods, they can fall victim to TMJ disorder, in which they suffer chronic joint pain and inflammation if not treated. We offer various treatments to address TMJ disorder and relieve painful symptoms affecting your quality of life.

The development of TMJ disorder can result in various forms of discomfort, such as jaw pain when you move your mouth or ears and temples that suffer a dull ache. Causes of TMJ disorder can involve chronic joint inflammation, arthritis, joint dislocation or nightly tooth grinding that results in jaw muscle tension.

Depending on the severity of your condition, we can simple or complex TMJ disorder treatment to improve your disorder and accompanying symptoms. You may benefit from modifying certain lifestyle habits, such as eating softer foods, taking anti-inflammatory medication every day or relieving muscle tension with heat packs. A custom-fitted night guard can often help patients who have TMJ disorders from tooth grinding, as the appliance is worn in the mouth to prevent damage and locked muscles from grinding and preserve the biting surfaces of your teeth.

More complex and advanced treatment may be needed if these tactics don’t generate results. Our doctor can recommend muscle relaxers and rehabilitation exercises for daily use, or even arrange for your condition to be treated with surgery.

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